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Have Fun Learning Vocabulary

Here are vocabulary words you can see and listen to. Listening to each group of 10 words takes only 6 minutes, so maybe you can learn 10 words every day. Too much? Try learning 10 words every week.

Here are some ways you can have fun and learn at the same time:

  • Learn new words:
    Click "See;" then click "Listen" to hear each word. Memorize its meaning.
  • Learn pronunciation:
    Listen to the correct pronunciation of each word.
  • Speak each word out loud yourself:
    Research has shown that people remember words much better if they say them out loud.
  • Test yourself about the meaning!
    Click on "See" and try to write the meaning of each word. Then click "Listen" to check your results.
  • Test your spelling!
    Pause after listening to each word and try to write it with the correct spelling. Then click "See" to check your results.
  • Practice making sentences!
    Listen to each word but pause before you hear its meaning. Try to make several new sentences using the word correctly.
  • Recognize a new voice:
    Get practice listening to an English speaker whose voice is not familiar.

These word lists are all from You can look there for spelling and for additional definitions and examples.

The TEKS ELAR Academic Vocabulary List for 5th-7th Grades

These 310 words are from the TEKS ELAR List (the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills English Language Arts and Reading list). They are part of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) state standards.

These are academic words! You won't need all of them for normal conversation, but you will probably need them for reading books and newspapers in English. You can click here to read the entire list of words and their definitions.

1-10: See - Listen
151-160: See - Listen
11-20: See - Listen
161-170: See - Listen
21-30: See - Listen
171-180: See - Listen
31-40: See - Listen
181-190: See - Listen
41-50: See - Listen
191-200: See - Listen
51-60: See - Listen
201-210: See - Listen
61-70: See - Listen
211-220: See - Listen
71-80: See - Listen
221-230: See - Listen
81-90: See - Listen
231-240: See - Listen
91-100: See - Listen
241-250: See - Listen
101-110: See - Listen
251-260: See - Listen
111-120: See - Listen
261-270: See - Listen
121-130: See - Listen
271-280: See - Listen
131-140: See - Listen
281-290: See - Listen
141-150: See - Listen
291-300: See - Listen
301-310: See - Listen